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5 Best Asian Health and Beauty Foods

July 30, 2020

5 Best Asian Health and Beauty Foods

Asian people live longer and look younger. The secret of their flawless and wrinkle-free skin is regular exercise, but most of all, the food. 
Transform your life with these five best Asian foods that promote good health, weight loss, and smooth skin. 

Soy milk

  • It contains a lot of calcium, good for your bones and teeth. 
  • Soy milk has as much protein as cow milk, yet fewer calories, which promote weight loss. 
  • Soy milk boosts the production of collagen in your skin. 



  • Tofu contains all the 9 amino acids. It lowers blood cholesterol, improves gut microbiota, and lowers the risk of breast cancer. 
  • Tofu is low in calories but creates a feeling of fullness. 
  • Derived from soy protein, tofu is excellent for skin health. 


  • Seaweed is packed with iodine, iron, Vitamin C. It protects the function of the thyroid gland. 
  • Seaweed has a compound that stops the body from absorbing and storing fat. 
  • Seaweed heals acne and promotes healthy and smooth skin. 


  • Matcha contains a catechin called EGCG that prevents all types of cancer, diabetes Type 2, and heart diseases.
  • EGCG also stops the growth of fat cells and boosts your metabolism. 
  • Full with antioxidants, matcha expulses free radicals out of your body.


Dragon Fruit 

  • Dragon Fruit is rich in antioxidants and it can lower the blood sugar. 
  • High in fiber and prebiotics that feed the probiotics and maintain a healthy gut and promote weight loss. 
  • High in Vitamin C, this fruit makes a perfect face mask for eliminating debris from your skin. The tiny seeds are perfect for skin peeling.



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