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The Endless Health Benefits of Soy

July 14, 2020


Soy is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. It provides the body with numerous health benefits, and it is an essential part of the plant-based, and vegan/vegetarian diet. 

Best Complete Plant Protein

Soy is the only plant protein that contains all nine essential amino acids that promote healthy bones and muscles. Since the body can't produce them on its own, soy is the perfect source for it (besides meat, of course).

Promoting Healthy Heart

Only 10% of soy fat is saturated, unlike saturated fats in beef and pork that can compromise your heart's health.

Soy is Cholesterol Free

Soy contains zero LDL cholesterol (the bad one), thus it can lower your blood cholesterol levels for 4%-6%.


Rich in Fiber - Healthy Gut and Weight Loss

A cup of soybeans contains 10g of fiber, which can help you improve your gut health. Fiber in your diet can help stabilize blood sugar and help with weight loss.

Loaded with Potassium

A cup of soybeans contains double as much potassium than a banana, and it satisfies one-third of your daily body needs. Potassium is a mineral that aids the work of your heart, kidneys, and neurons.

High Iron Levels

The iron in soy helps the oxygen travel through our body, keeping us healthy. Women's body requires 18 mg of iron a day, while men only need 8 mg. A cup of soybeans contains 9 mg of iron.

Soy Prevents Hypertension

Thanks to high protein and low carb levels, soybeans can lower your blood pressure, and prevent you from having a stroke by 14%.

It Prevents Breast Cancer

Soybeans contain isoflavone, a phytonutrient that may shrink tumors and cancers. Women who eat soy as kids, have lower risk of breast cancer and longer life span in Asia. There is a theory in the western countries that soy can cause higher estrogen level, but soy does not have animal estrogen. There is no evidence that proves the plant estrogen in soy , when consumed in moderation, can lead to higher risk of breast cancer.

Best Soy Products to enjoy

Whole food, organic soybeans, pure Soy Milk without chemicals, Organic Tofu, miso, fermented tofu, natto, tempeh

Soy Products to Avoid 

Soy is a healthy food that offers a variety of nutrients,  only when eaten as a whole food or minimally processed ( such as tofu ) in the traditional way.  Chemically processed, extracted or denatured soy products can do more harm than good to your gut and overall health. It is important to avoid soy concentrate, soy isolate, GMO soy, and choose whole food and minimally processed soy products. 


Recipes to try:

Homemade Organic Vanilla Soy Milk

Soy Milk with Dates

Easy Japanese Tofu Miso soup

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