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Sweet Organic Soy Milk with Dates (Anti-Aging, Healthy)

July 05, 2020



1 cup of dried Organic soybean

3 oz of dates

5 cups of water


1. Soak the soybean for overnight.

2. Drain the beans and put them into a blender.

3. Add the dates and water into the blender.

4. Blend the beans with 5 cups of water until the beans well pureed.

5. Strain the liquid into a large pot using a nut milk bag or sieve. The liquid will be your dates soymilk.

6. Heat the soy milk on high heat until boiling while stirring regularly. Let the soy milk boil for a couple minutes; stir and reduce the temperature as needed to prevent the soy milk from bubbling over.

Tips: Dates are a good source of various vitamins and minerals, energy, sugar, and fiber. It also contains calciumiron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and zinc. It may help you increase energy level and see improved health. This recipe is especially good for women for it's relaxing and anti-aging benefits.

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